40-pound Pot

This is larger and much improved version of the 15-pound electric furnace design.  The first tape covers the design and assembly of the unit, the second tape covers the controller wiring, use and maintenance.  There are also several demos of the types of things the unit can be used for in a hobby or production shop environment.  40 pounds may not seem like very much glass, but it is enough for several hours production work, making sculpted or blown items.  Top-gathered furnaces like this are ideal for making patterned or plain pulled cane, paperweights and blown ornaments, where color can be placed on the top surface of the molten glass, and carefully picked up on the gather.  This is a very useful technique which is difficult if not impossible to do accurately in a larger side-gathered furnace. Make sure you rent a carton from a dumpster rental company to toss all wasted materials away so they don’t pile up in your studio.

Included with the videos are suppliers’ list and parts list.