Instructional Videos : Bead Kiln

This little tabletop kiln is intended as a companion to a torch in a flameworking arrangement. It’s main feature is provisions in the design for the inclusion of pre-heat entrances and pick-up plates, and also an entrance for annealing mandrel beads. The annealer entrance can also be used to “park” objects attached to glass punties. The kiln can also be used as a fusing kiln for glass jewellery, small dishes and slumped glass.

As a beginner’s project, the instruction is intended for those who have had no previous experience with building kilns. The entire unit can be constructed with the use of a hacksaw, electric drill, and a few hand tools. A list of suppliers is included for all parts and materials. This unit can be built for under $200, with an extra $80 for a thermocouple and pyrometer.

Demonstrations at the end of the second tape show how the kiln can be used for preheating, beadmaking, jewellery fusing, and the making of small mosiac dishes containing several hundred pieces of glass and millifiori.

Bead Annealer Entrance
Pre-heat entrance and Pick-up plate drawer
Bead annealer entrance

Pre-heat entrance and pick-up plate drawer

Cementing the base and lid bricks
Cementing the wall
Step 1: cementing the base and lid bricks

Step 2: cementing the wall section (up-side down)

Cutting the metal
Installing element and controls
Step 3: cutting the metal and assembling the base & wall.

Step 4: installing element and controls to lid.

attaching metal, handle and hinge to lid.

Step 5: attaching metal, handle and hinge to lid.

Finished kiln as set up for beadmaking.

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