Exploring the Different Types of Antique Glass

Antique Glass

The different types of antique glass tend to open the door towards a wide range of aspects that can be used for all the right purposes. As a result, looking into these types will surely help you out and manage to bring about a difference for the better. While the different types of these glasses tend to go up in number, we have listed a few important ones that you need to know about. Hence, go ahead and read the following to explore a few types of antique glass.

antique glass

Cut Glass

Cut glass is nothing but glass where the outer design is either cut by hand or by a machine. Due to that, this type of glass is expensive, and you will have to pay a little extra to get hold of things. You can find this type of glass as they use the same to make fancy bowels, wine glasses, and also crystal chandeliers. They do not have seam since it is either bidden or was never around. Moreover, the cut of the outside will be sharper than pressed glass that is, in fact, made to resemble cut glass.

Pressed Glass

Pressed glass are a few of the most common types that you can come across easily. They are pressed into a mold and thus are called pressed glass. The mold moves ahead to produce different kinds of patterns, designs, and other related aspects. Thanks to that, this type has different purposes, and one can always look towards the same and stand to make the most of it.

Lead Glass

As the name suggests, this type of glass is made with lead and is known for being sparkly brilliant. Due to that, you can find it in expensive wine glasses, chandeliers, and other related aspects. Apart from that, the defining quality of being able to block ultraviolet and infrared lights makes this glass a classic for medical labs and other kinds of purposes. In order to make matters all the more interesting, you need to know that this glass can be pressed, blown, or cut.

Lead Glass


Soda-lime stands to refer to the chemical makeup of glass and is usually made up of sodium carbonate and lime. While it may not be as clear as lead glass, it is naturally clear and goes up to a certain point. Thanks to that, it can also be made into different shapes and designs that, in turn, bring out different uses. You can find these glasses as cut glass decanters, drinking glasses, and so on. Like lead glass, they too can be pressed, blown, or cut.

Hence, those were some of the essential types of antique glass that you should know about.

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