Salt Spring Island, BC

Glassblowing Studio & Gallery

Find The Beauty in Fragility

What We Do

We offer a wide variety of professionally crafted glass art from hand-made sculptures to small glass gift shop items. We give the guests the opportunity to assist in making their own, unique glass art.

Our Works

Visit our Studio & Gallery

Come and enjoy being with the artists as they create and practice the historic art of glassblowing.

Our Learning Classes

Here are some of the classes that we provide

Equipment Building

Learn how to build your own glass blowing studio with our equipment building course. We highly recommend you use epoxy flooring to make clean up much easier.

In-Studio Classes

Experience the art of glassblowing from the pros themselves up close and personal. Learn how to make personalized glasses today.

Our Online Classes

In the light of the pandemic, we also provide online classes for glassblowing. We have made sure that the students do not miss out on anything that they would have experienced in person.

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